Dripping e liquids
Thick Drip


Our team is made up of some very experienced members of the vaping community alongside professionally qualified analytical chemists.  As the vaping market moved towards higher powered devices and dripping mods, our team decided that it was time to create a well balanced dripping e juice to suit. We always knew that 100% VG base would be the best possible starting point for our liquids, and we based our formulations on this ideal.

Thankfully we have achieved an amazing result with 8 unique flavours that have gained recognition from the vaping community throughout the World.

Our journey...

We have a simple policy in Think Drip; to product great quality e liquid products. It seems so simple, but it has taken us nearly 4 years to perfect our flavours for the global market. We have made sure that the e liquid we produce is consistent and balances, even if some our products have up to 9 flavours in one bottle!

The names...

When we decided to name our flavours we wanted to do something that nobody had done, new names that nobody seen before. It helped that one of our team is a chemist with a scientific background and knowledge of symbols. No other e liquid has our brand or flavour names, we are truly unique.

Our naming is also a symbol of the science behind formulating the perfect dripping liquid for vaping.